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From Kai Griffin <>
Subject Re: External process for httpd_global_handlers
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 09:49:26 GMT
I developed an early prototype of my current project with Flex (Flash), 
and ran into this issue early on.  At first, I resolved it by actually 
modifying my copy of CouchDB and recompiling it, so that it would handle 
a request for the  crossdomain file in the same way that it handles the 
welcome response.  That worked fine until I upgraded CouchDB, and 
realised I'd forever be patching the thing and it was unlikely to 
something that deserved to go into Trunk.

Ultimately, I resolved it in a way that wouldn't break or require 
frivolously hacking into the Couch source.  I put the entire Flex/Flash 
application into my CouchDB database.  It had quite a number of modules, 
images, etc... so I created a script that uploaded all these files, - 
including the home index.html - all as attachments to a single Couch 
document called "MyApp" (replace with the real name of your 
application).   In this way, Flash never bothered to ask for a 
crossdomain file, because the domain/port serving the app is the same as 
the one serving the data.   My application then became accessible using 
a URL like this:

(because the webbrowser will automatically try "index.html", that's what 
you'll get).


On 18/03/2011 23:03, edward de jong wrote:
> I have the same problem; I am trying to access couch from the same machine as
> myself, and actionscript (flash) is balking because it can't get the
> crossdomain.xml file from root on that socket. I have tried copying
> crossdomain.xml all over the place but no go. clearly it has to be inside couch,
> but I have no idea how to stuff a crossdomain.xml file into couch; it isn't a
> database, but just a text file that couch is being expected to spit up when
> requested.... any help would be appreciate, every single person using
> actionscript + couch will have the same problem!

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