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From Linden Wright <>
Subject Corrupted CouchDB Database? CouchDBX/Futon broken?
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 14:55:19 GMT
Disclaimer, I'm new to CouchDB..

Running Mac OS 10.6, CouchDBX 1.0.2, using an admin account.

I create a fairly simple database called 'configuration2', and add a 
design document called '_design/indexes' with some simple views. I'm 
running a bunch of unittests, and eventually it seems as though 
something becomes corrupt with either the database or in Futon. Before 
each unittest, I delete and recreate the database and design document. 
While trying to debug my client code's unittests and using Futon, 
eventually it will stop allowing me to view the configuration2 database 
and display this error: "Alert; Error: not_found; missing". I see this 
in the console output:

1> [info] [<0.111.0>] - - 'GET' 
/configuration2/_design/undefined/_view/undefined?limit=11 404

Obviously, this _design/undefined document doesn't exist with an 
undefined _view. When I hit OK, Futon shows me no documents, even though 
it says that there are some on the Overview page. What's even stranger 
is that when I delete that database and recreate it, (double checking 
that the file is correctly removed from the file system) the same thing 

Now, if I quit CouchDBX and restart, Futon behaves normally and never 
makes that /configuration2/_design/undefined/_view/undefined query, and 
I can see my documents.

Is this something that I'm doing? Perhaps there is something caching and 
some setting I can set to prevent it?

Thanks in advance for your time & help!

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