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From Ian Hobson <>
Subject Re: Compaction Strategies
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 09:09:01 GMT
On 02/03/2011 19:33, Wayne Conrad wrote:
> We run a compaction script that compacts every database every night. 
> Compaction of our biggest (0.6 TB) database took about 10 hours today. 
> Granted, the hardware has poor I/O bandwidth, but even if we improve 
> the hardware, a change in strategy could be good.  Along with 
> splitting that database into more manageable pieces, I hope to write a 
> compaction script that only compacts a database sometimes (a la 
> Postgresql's autovacuum).  To do that, I want some way to estimate 
> whether there's anything to gain from compacting any given database.
> I thought I could use the doc_del_count returned by GET 
> /<database-name> as a gauge of whether to compact or not, but in my 
> tests doc_del_count remained the same after compaction.  Are there any 
> statistics, however imperfect, that could help my code guess when 
> compaction ought to be done?
Just a thought.

After compacting, the database will have a given size on disk. Would it 
be possible to test, and compact if this grew by (say) 15%?

Its not perfect - but it might be better than time.



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