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From Martin Hilbig <>
Subject Re: copy request in _users
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 03:20:07 GMT
On 05.03.2011 20:09, Mark Hahn wrote:
> Ah, I didn't think of that.  Having hidden code to check that the name field
> matches the id is a real kludge.  So copy doesn't work in _users.  Using put
> to copy would be a real pita because I have attachments.  I guess I'll have
> to create a new doc in another db with a one-to-one relationship with the
> users.


may i point out that the code which validates the docid is stored in the 
"validate_doc_update" field of the "_design/_auth" design document?

you may want to have a look at[1].

> This is the second time I've gotten burned by storing stuff in _users.  The
> docs should say to not store stuff in _users or couch should disallow it.

which other case are you referring to? from what i know storing stuff in 
_users isn't prevented, it's just need to be in a very specific form. i 
don't know if it persistent, but a quick test showed you can even 
uncomment everything in the validation function mentioned above, 
although i don't recommend it.

have fun

> On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 3:58 AM, Joe Freeman<>  wrote:
>> I've never tried out COPY, but I suspect this is because when you copy
>> the document over, the document's 'name' property stays the same
>> (''). When the new document is validated, it has an ID of
>> 'org.couchdb.user:xxx', but the name property is ''. The
>> validation rule requires that the document ID is 'org.couchdb.user:'
>> followed by the name.
>> If you want to rename a user, you'll probably need to PUT the new user
>> document manually with an updated 'name' property.
>> On 5 March 2011 10:07, Mark Hahn<>  wrote:
>>> When I try a copy request in the _users db I get the error ...
>>>     403, forbidden, Doc ID must be of the form org.couchdb.user:name
>>> The request as shown in the couch log is :
>>> [debug] [<0.26409.36>] "COPY" /_users/ {1,1}
>>> Headers: [{'Connection',"close"},
>>>           {'Content-Type',"application/json"},
>>>           {'Cookie'," ... snip ..."},
>>>           {"Destination","org.couchdb.user:xxx"},
>>>           {'Host',"localhost"},
>>>           {'Transfer-Encoding',"chunked"}]
>>> I've also tried encoding the Destination header
>>> as {"Destination","org.couchdb.user%3Axxx"}.
>>> The request path is url encoded the same way as in all of my other
>> working
>>> requests. The id shown above works in get, put, etc.  I'm using
>>> jquery.couch.js so I'm pretty sure the only thing I could be doing wrong
>> is
>>> the Destination header. jquery.couch.js is formatting everything but the
>>> headers.
>>> Any ideas?

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