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From Christian Polzer <>
Subject Question regarding definition of replication terms Master-Slave etc
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:29:09 GMT


I am currently examining different NoSQL and RDBMSes regarding their replication abilities
in order to build distributed systems.

I would really appreciate to get the opinions of the couchdb-mailinglist for this:

Reading through several papers and books, I get the feeling, that some vendors or authors
use their own definitions regarding the terms

	• Master-Master Replication (bidirectional replication - only two servers involved?)
	• Master-Slave Replication (mutiple slaves only readable)
	• Multi-Master Replication (multiple nodes, all read/writeable)
	• Peer-To-Peer Replication (like Mutli-Master?)

E.g: Some mix up the terms Master-Master and Peer-to-Peer as the same, while in Mysql docus
for instance I found it is differentiated between Master-Master and Multi-Master (=Peer-to-peer???)
Where is the difference in Multi-Master and Peer-to-Peer replication?
Is Multi-Master replication's use case more oriented towards Clustering while Peer-To-Peer
targets distributed content to distributed applications? 

This question was originally asked at Stackoverflow:
Feel free to answer it there or just here. 

Kind Regards,

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