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From Robert Johnson <>
Subject Re: Atomic update of multiple attachments?
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 15:48:26 GMT
I don't think copy does it because you end up with 2 identical documents including the attachments,
so you would need to copy the document and then immediately update the new document by removing
the attachments and decrementing the counter for attached documents. As couch will not guarantee
that both the copy and update will complete you could end up with a duplicate document in
your database. You have a similar problem with the temp document idea, and in either case
require an identifier that is unique to a document and a version number within the document
(other than the couch generated ones) so you can delete the old version with certainty that
you are deleting the right one.

The chances of a failed update and hence a duplicate document are low if you code carefully
but they exist and you may or may not be happy to take the risk - much will depend on the
impact of the existence of a duplicate.

The best secure way I can come up with relies on unique attachment names and works as  follows:-

Proceed as per my original suggestion for adding new documents but in addition have an additional
attribute which is in fact an array of attributes per pseudo code below

							Docs []

When you first load a new document the array will have one element and the eventual and current
counts will be the same as the original count attributes I suggested and the docs array will
have a list of the attached documents that has the same names in it as the system generated
_attachements structure.

Now for update, add a new element to the end of the attached_docs array with the expected
count set to the new number of attachements expected and the actual count set to zero and
the docs array empty. Do not alter the values in eventual_attachement_count or attachement_count_so_far.
Load up your new set of attachements updating only the counts in the new array element and
put the new document names in the docs array as you load them.

In your display code, you would need to look at the last element in the attached_docs array
and if the eventual and actual counts values are the same then the docs array in that element
contains the names of the attachments to show. If the values are different go to the previous
element of the attached_docs array until you find an element that qualifies.

This mechanism is I believe rock solid as

The document will not show up in the view until there is one full set of attachements loaded,
while loading a new set the old set will still be visible and you can identify which set to
show easily, once the new set is fully loaded it becomes immediately visible and there is
no possibility of getting a duplicate document. The only requirement is that you have to ensure
your attachement names are unique within a document but these are in your direct control.
With some careful coding and paranoid checking you are even secure against a failed attachement

Thats the best I can come up with. 


Robert Newson <> wrote:

>You could also use the COPY feature. :)
>On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 11:59 PM, Wayne Conrad <> wrote:
>> Bob, One of my needs is that requestors can get the most recent "complete"
>> set of attachments, even while a new set is being assembled.  I've no sense
>> of what it takes to work with previous version of a document, esp. since (as
>> I understand it) replication doesn't transfer old revisions of documents.
>>  Do you think your idea can be made to work with this need?
>> I'm wondering if something can be done that's similar to how we
>> create/rename files in Unix.  Can I create a temporary document, load it up
>> with attachments, and then rename it?
>> Wayne
>> On 02/07/11 16:38, Robert Johnson wrote:
>>> Create your document with attributes "eventual_attachment _count" (set
>>> this to the expected count) and "attachment_count_so_far" (set this to
>>> zero).
>>> As you add each attachment, increment "attachment_count_so_far"
>>> Create a view which only emits when "attachment_count_so_far" =
>>> "eventual_attachment _count"
>>> For update:-
>>> Remove docs and decrement "attachment_count_so_far"
>>> Reset "eventual_attachment _count"if necessary
>>> Add new attachments and increment "attachment_count_so_far"
>>> Does this work for you?
>>> Bob
>>> On 7 Feb 2011, at 23:25, Wayne Conrad wrote:
>>>> Is there anything I can do to achieve the illusion of atomic update of a
>>>> set of attachments?  Here's the effect I'd like:
>>>> For create:
>>>> 1. Create a document.
>>>> 2. Add attachments to it.
>>>> 3. Only now does the document and all of its attachments become visible.
>>>> For update:
>>>> 1. Delete all of the document's attachments.
>>>> 2. Add a new set of attachments to the document.
>>>> 3. Only now does the new set of attachments appear to replace the old.
>>>> I'm using Couchdb 1.0.2 and CouchRest 1.0.1.  I'm not opposed to cheating
>>>> to achieve my goal.  Suggestions of "Did you think of doing this-other-thing
>>>> instead?" are also welcome.
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