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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Official Windows binaries for 1.0.2?
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 08:42:47 GMT
On 8 February 2011 08:48, Zdravko Gligic <> wrote:
> Nikola,
> Could you and/or others please post the links to where the various
> binaries and/or corresponding installers are kept.  There seem to be
> several that I am not even aware of.
> Thanks again,
> Zdravko (#teslan)

Hi @,

Sorry - scratch my previous email... try again!

Unofficial builds are linked to from the wiki at

I've put up current ones recently at and so far feedback has been
positive in general with a couple of build issues fixed along the way.
I lack systems for testing so would love some more help.

There are 3 functional issues to my knowledge -

COUCHDB-1032 CouchDB fails to bind to IPv6 address on Windows --
shouldn't impact most users
COUCHDB-577     couchdb @ winxp: Simple RegExp's can not be executed --
workaround available
COUCHDB-963     Erlang processes crash when running the delayed_commits
test on Windows Server 2008 -- I've succeeded in replicating this on a
stock amazon ec2 W2008 DataCenter large instance.
& also a "won't fix" - can't replicate between 0.11.0 and 1.0.x -
upgrade is recommended in this case.

- what other issues are people experiencing?
- what's your deployment base/platform - couch version, # users, # docs etc?

A few ideas:
- make a "WinCouch" like Jan's CouchDBX that has a firefox wrapper
around the outside of CouchDB. No idea if this is actually hard or
- extend this to be a stand-alone app - start/stop buttons, displays
either futon GUI or your custom HTML which "of course" would be a
- provide a build script so people can neatly package these homebrewed
apps up themselves without needing to build erlang from scratch

Other open CouchDB Windows-related jira cases below if you're curious.

The following do not impact functionality but are (slowly) getting
cleaned up as I get my head around things:

COUCHDB-889     improved docs for windows compile from source in INSTALL.Windows
COUCHDB-851     Windows build forces remake of files
COUCHDB-733     INSTALL.Windows wording suggests it's OK for cygwin to
use /usr/bin/link. Is this intentional?
COUCHDB-695     Windows release artefacts should not include test
database or log files
COUCHDB-694     Windows `make dist` should create release artefacts in
the root source directory
COUCHDB-440     Fix windows libname_spec hacks in
COUCHDB-439     Fix bogus $(INSTALL) of couchspawnkillable.exe on Windows
COUCHDB-326     Occasional {"error":"error","reason":"eacces"} errors
deleting a database on Windows -- think this is now fixed since 0.11.0
COUCHDB-307     windows drive letters in 'database_dir' breaks _all_dbs


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