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From Warner Onstine <>
Subject date range querying
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:57:08 GMT
Ok, been banging my head against this for a while and having no luck
figuring out the logical way to do this (other than installing
ElasticSearch - which I'll be doing in the near future).

I have records that have startDate and endDate ranges. I want to query
the view based on today's date. Say I have a record that has a start
date of 1/31/2011 and an end date of 2/13/2011 and I want to find out
which records fall within today's date.

In other words
1/31/2011 < 2/6/2011 < 2/13/2011

How in the world do I do that? I've been trying something like this:
       var startDate = new Date(doc.startDate);
        var endDate = new Date(doc.endDate);
        var startYear = startDate.getFullYear();
        var startMonth = startDate.getMonth();
        var startDay = startDate.getDate();
        var endYear = endDate.getFullYear();
        var endMonth = endDate.getMonth();
        var endDay = endDate.getDate();

But as soon as I add in the endYear variable it goes wonky and starts
returning records that don't match at all. Any help is greatly


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