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From Harry Vangberg <>
Subject Replication causes huge drop in performance
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2011 18:39:59 GMT
I have a Couchdb 1.0.2 server running on an EC2 m1.xlarge (15GB / 4
cores) instance, with ~40m docs clocking in at ~45G. The database
files are stored on EBS, configured as a 250G RAID-10 split on 4 EBS
disks. I am trying to build a new slave instance on another EC2
instance. On the master I have max_http_pipeline_size=100 and
max_http_sessions=1. When I start a pull replication from the slave
instance, view requests to the master that usually have a ~1s response
time, jumps to a ~30-40s response time, which breaks my app, that
still relies on the master instance. It seems a bit aggressive. Any

Harry Vangberg  <>

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