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From Isaac Force <>
Subject Re: How many nodes can couchdb scale to?
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 01:56:11 GMT
On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 4:13 PM, niall el-assaad <> wrote:
> I'm looking at developing an application that will have a couple of central
> nodes (data centre) and around 2,000 remote nodes (in branch offices).
> I'd like to know if couchdb can scale to having this many nodes working in a
> cluster.

For the list to write a more meaningful answer to address your needs,
it would be helpful if you gave more detail about the nature of the
problem you want to solve.

* Replication topology: is the plan to have replication from the branch office
  nodes to your centralized data center? (n:1)
* Replication type: continuous or triggered manually/programatically?
* Scope of data set: I would be more concerned with writes than reads.
  You'll need to have an idea of what your current aggregate average and
  peak writes per second are, how much data is written for a given
  period of time, and how far you think you will need this rate to scale in
  the future.
* Why Couch: is CouchDB going to be addressing a brand new need, or
  is it going to replace existing systems for known reasons? If it's the
  latter, what is it about your current systems that aren't meeting your
  demands, and what do you hope Couch will provide that will fill the gap?
  (Specifically looking for performance data that you might have already
  collected, and if Couch is going to be living on your existing hardware
  or new hardware.)

I haven't dealt with large distributed Couch systems, but my instinct
would be that Couch wouldn't have any problem with a 2000:1 replicated
system. (See Ubuntu One as an example of a large CouchDB system with
many external replicators.) The ability to handle it would come down
to how well the aggregate data set matches the size of hardware and
replication layout in your data center, and of course available
ingress bandwidth.


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