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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Replication Behind Firewalls
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 01:33:07 GMT
In my application each user has a locally installed couch. I want them
to be able to replicate with other machines they have (home, work,
Most people wont have public facing IP's or may be behind a firewall.
I don't mind hosting a 'lookup service' but I want to be able to
minimize the server traffic. I would prefer if the couch's could
connect with each other direct.

I see some options:

1) host a couchdb for each user that acts as a sync server. Least
preferable because most hosting cost and bandwidth.
2) Act as a 'connection proxy' So if couch A wants to talk to couch B
they both connect to a central server which basically proxies the
between the two. Still not preferable because the traffic between
couchdbs would become a hosting cost.
3) Act as a lookup service. An user would subscribe and add couches to
a list. We would hold the IP addresses and try to have the client app
punch a hole in the firewall to perform a sync.

Does anyone have thoughts or ideas about the pros/cons of each
approach? Has anyone done something like Option 3?



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