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From Huw Selley <>
Subject Re: Loading CouchDB to Amazon Linux AMI
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 12:13:10 GMT

On 31 Jan 2011, at 20:59, Randall Leeds wrote:

> Building CouchDB from source on CentOS should be no problem.
> However, you may want to apply this patch[1], recently landed on trunk
> but not in any released version, which addresses the lack of a
> suitably new libcurl on CentOS 5.

I have been installing from source (the 1.0.1 release and the 1.1 branch mostly) on Oracle
Enterprise Linux which is pretty much RHEL5 and maps directly to centos. 

Due to the erlang version being R12B5 that you might want to upgrade to R14. It was pretty
painless to build from source and install.

To build 1.0.1 from source downloaded the source package and:

yum install make gcc gcc-c++ erlang libicu-devel openssl-devel js-devel

Then I grabbed and built/installed curl:


configure;make;make install 

to install it into /usr/local

and then ran:

./configure --with-erlang=/usr/lib64/erlang/usr/include/
make;make install

In the unpacked couch src dir.

If you install erlang from source you will want to change the path that the '--with-erlang'
flag points at. Ditto if you are 32bit not 64.

You should then be able to start couch with:



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