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From Wayne Conrad <>
Subject Replication: stalled?
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2011 18:18:39 GMT
I'm seeing replication behavior that I don't understand.  I wonder if 
it's stalled.

I've got two couchdb servers, each with four databases.  A cron job runs 
once a minute and tells each server to do continuous replication from 
each database on the other server.  What I'm seeing for one of the 
databases has me confused: I see, in the couch.log for the "source" 
database, 'GET' entries consistent with the source database fetching 
documents and their attachments.  But on the destination database, the 
fetched documents and attachments do not appear.

To answer the question, "Are the GET entries coming from some other 
instance of couchdb?", I stopped couchdb on the destination server.  The 
'GET' entries in the log of the source server stopped.  I then restarted 
the destination couchdb server and the log entries resumed.

Futon on the source database shows:
     Name: ps
     Size: 181.5 GB
     Number of Documents: 43,090
     Update Seq: 43,741
     Type: Replication
     Object: 49a5c5: http://carbon:5984/ps/ -> ps
     PID: <0.14439.1841>
     Status: MR Processed source update #6114

Futon on the destination database shows:
     Name: ps
     Size: 58.3 GB
     Number of Documents: 6,107
     Update Seq: 6,114
     Type: Replication
     Object: 0c52c5: http://sodium:5984/ps/ -> ps
     PID: <0.234.0>
     Status: Starting

The status on the destination database has been "Starting" since I 
restarted couchdb on the destination server about 15 minutes ago.

Both the source and destination databases are being written to by user 
processes on an intermittent basis: anywhere from 0 to a few dozen 
documents per minute, each document with up to a few dozen megabytes of 

I see no error entries in either the source or destination server's 

   Couchdb: 1.0.2
   OS: Linux 2.6.32 (AMD 64)

Why don't I see any documents being added to the destination database?

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