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From Patrick Barnes <>
Subject Odd replication failures on 0.11
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 05:48:59 GMT
I have been getting this error when I try to replicate databases:

Replication failed: {bad_term,{couch_rep_reader,'-open_doc_revs/3-fun-1-',
                                 <<"You are not authorized to access 
this db.">>}]},

I'm logged in as the administrative user, and using the administrative 
credentials on the source database. (pull replication)

Replication starts running, and works for a quite a while before this 
occurs. (It seems similar in length to the amount of time one has in 
futon before being auto-logged-off)

I notice that I don't get this error if I replicate a database that 
doesn't restrict read access.

Is this: a) A known problem? and b) A problem that is fixed in 1.0.1?



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