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From Nikolai Teofilov <>
Subject Re: WinCouch
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 20:11:04 GMT

On 14.02.2011, at 18:43, Zdravko Gligic wrote:

> Nikolai,
> I am using Adobe AIR to create desktop applications, from which I am
> able to run Win .exe and/or .bat files. What I need is for my AIR
> application to be able to kick start a CouchDB install, if it's not
> yet installed and then on subsequent installs just to get going
> CouchDB either as a service or some other way.  I need that to be
> totally decoupled from FireFox or any other browser. How difficult
> would it be to tweak what you have?  With that, we would have an
> installer that could work with any type of a Windoze desktop
> application.
> Regards,
> Zdravko


I am not quite sure whether I understand your need but generally the windows binaries of the
CouchDB can be executed either as windows service or directly from from the source directory
by starting the batch file. The problem is it is hard to compile the binaries but Dave Cottlehuber
has created super collection of binaries for all major versions of CouchDB on github:

What the WinCouch does is it is a .NET windows form application that starts the CouchDB binaries
an furthermore wrap a full featured FireFox browser component embedded in the windows form
so no firefox need to be installed. It is a simple way to repackage a web application resided
in the CouchDB (couchapp) and visualize its content in the wrapped firefox webview component
in the windows form.

It will support the HTML5 like FF 3.5 in theory, no idea about the flash plugin support. 

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