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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject lucene and "missing attachments"
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 21:00:40 GMT

having running couchdb 1.0.1 (Ubuntu 10.10) and a recent build of
couchdb-lucene, I am having trouble to do attachment full text
indexing. Running the sample code provided with the couchdb-lucene
README, I continuously end up with an error just alike this:

{"error":"not_found","reason":"Document is missing attachment"}

Googling the web, I found just few information on that, mostly telling
that it might be caused by a couchdb version too old for the
couchdb-lucene extension. Could this also be my specific case, or might
there be other issues causing this problem? Attachments in question
aren't around for every document in my database, but, if there's an
attachment, then it's a content.xml filled with meta-information (RDF)
as provided by aperture framework... Can't really provide any more log
output on that as there is none... :)

TIA for any hints on that,

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