I (re)try to use couchDB & phpillow in a project and i try to put my php sessions as documents in couchdb, but i have a problem...

I'm on Debian Lenny with the couchdb 1.0.1 build from sources with Erlang build from sources too (R12B-5) and using phpillow 0.5alpha.

(exception properly var_dumped in attached file)

I have in my code :

  $vue = new sessionView();
  $sessions = $vue->query('sessions', array('key' => $id));
  if (count($sessions->rows) > 0) {

My view :

  class sessionView extends phpillowView
    protected $viewDefinitions = array(
      'sessions' => "function (doc) {
        if (doc.type == 'session') emit(doc.id, doc._id);

    protected function getViewName() {
      return 'session_vue';

And my document :

class sessionDocument extends phpillowDocument
  protected static $type = 'session';

  protected $requiredProperties = array(

  public function __construct() {
    $this->properties = array(
      'id' => new phpillowStringValidator(),
      'donnees' => new phpillowStringValidator(),
      'expiration' => new phpillowDateValidator()


  protected function generateId() {
    return $this->stringToId($this->storage->id);

  protected function getType() {
    return self::$type;

When executing the line $vue->query, crash and a exception is throw just saying :"phpillowResponseErrorException' with message 'Error (405) in request: method_not_allowed (Only GET,HEAD allowed)"

In an older projet (couch < 0.11), the same line to list my documents is ok, but now i have errors.

Have you an idea ? I'm blocked.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry for my bad english