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From Randall Leeds <>
Subject Re: Copying view file between replicated servers
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 21:58:44 GMT
On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 05:33, Paul Hirst <> wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 11:26 +0000, Randall Leeds wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 01:01, Paul Hirst <> wrote:


>> I have two ideas if you need an alternative, but it depends on what
>> you're trying to avoid.
>> If you cannot deal with waiting for the new index to generate before
>> querying it, create the new views in a separate design doc. Query that
>> and wait for it to build. Once it has finished, rename the design
>> document (update the old one) and your views should be "pre-indexed".
> This is actually what I did on the backup server anyway because it's
> replicated to the live server.

Cool. It's a great trick.

> Which does bring me to another question. If you accidentally  trigger an
> index rebuild is there any way to stop it short of restarting couchdb?

None, as far as I'm aware. If it's not already in JIRA you could file
a ticket for an enhancement.
Possibly updating the design document again, to restore it to its old
state, would stop the index, but I'm not sure.
If not, I would say that's a bug. Also, if you haven't run
_view_cleanup the old index would still be there.

>> If you cannot deal with the load generated by indexing itself, you
>> could create a remote query server. Be sure that the CouchDB user can
>> SSH without password and add ssh to the beginning of your query server
>> command.
> [snip]
>> If all if this makes perfect sense, you can go ahead and give it a
>> shot. If it sounds terrifying, lets talk about it or catch me on IRC
>> (tilgovi). This is the first time I've recommended anything like this
>> be tried, so it probably deserves some close inspection before blindly
>> listening to a word :).
> This all makes sense but I'm worried it won't solve the problem. The CPU
> load from the couchjs process doesn't seem particularly significant in
> my case. When I have rebuilt indexes on the live server before it seemed
> it was the disk IO which slowed everything down. My database currently
> stands at 22 million documents and 528G in size and I guess that's a lot
> of disk seeks when reading the documents and writing out the new index
> file. So pushing the javascript execution over the network and onto
> another box presumably won't help with that. However, I am a bit of a
> newbie still so if I've misunderstood I'd love to be put right.

You're right. My answer got long and it got late, but I meant to ask
what the bottleneck was.

> I think what I shall do in this case, is fail over to my backup server,
> do a compact on what was the live server and then trigger an index
> build. Then I can fail back again. I already do this for compacting
> purposes and it seems I have a similar sort of problem here really.

This seems like your best option for now. I hope it works out for you!


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