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From Joe Freeman <>
Subject Reduce parameters?
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 23:48:36 GMT
Hi CouchDB users,

I'm trying to explain my problem as clearly as possible. Please bear with me...

I have a view with a map function that is producing key-value pairs like this:

["document1","part1.1",1294696806874] -> {"content": "part 1.1, revision 3"}
["document1","part1.1",1294696793572] -> {"content": "part 1.1, revision 2"}
["document1","part1.1",1294696769516] -> {"content": "part 1.1, revision 1"}
["document1","part1.2",1294696816974] -> {"content": "part 1.2, revision 2"}
["document1","part1.2",1294696761684] -> {"content": "part 1.2, revision 1"}
["document1","part1.3",1294696709610] -> {"content": "part 1.3, revision 1"}
["document2","part2.1",1294696812168] -> {"content": "part 2.1, revision 3"}
["document2","part2.1",1294696802362] -> {"content": "part 2.1, revision 2"}
["document2","part2.1",1294696743154] -> {"content": "part 2.1, revision 1"}
["document2","part2.2",1294696819313] -> {"content": "part 2.2, revision 1"}

(Key is on the left of the arrow, value on the right.)

These results list different revisions of parts within a document. The
key is split into three parts: document ID, part ID and the timestamp
of the revision.

If I add a reduce function:

function(keys, values, rereduce) {
  return values[0];

And specify a group_level of two, I can get the latest revisions for
all the parts. I can also specify a startkey and endkey of
'["document1"]' and '["document1",{}]' to get all the latest revisions
for a specific document.

For example, the output would be:

["document1","part1.1",1294696806874] -> {"content": "part 1.1, revision 3"}
["document1","part1.2",1294696816974] -> {"content": "part 1.2, revision 2"}
["document1","part1.3",1294696709610] -> {"content": "part 1.3, revision 1"}

However, I was hoping to progress this by being able to specify a
timestamp in the past, and have the view return *the latest revision
for each part that existed at that point in time*.

The closest I have got so far is being able to get *the latest
revision for a specific part* (but not for all parts within a
document). I can do this by specifying a startkey and endkey of
'["document1","part1.1", 0]' and
'["document1","part1.1",1294696800000]' - which would return "part
1.1, revision 2" (from above).

An approach that I had in mind was somehow being able to pass a
parameter to the reduce function so that it was able to iterate over
all the values and find the latest revision after a specified time
(SOME_PARAMETER). Perhaps something like this (untested):

function(keys, values, rereduce) {
  var latestIndex, latestTime;
  values.forEach(function(index, value) {
    if (latestTime < value.timestamp && value.timestamp < SOME_PARAMETER) {
      latestTime = value.timestamp;
      latestIndex = index;
  return values[latestIndex];

But I'm guessing that's not possible? And probably terribly inefficient.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions?

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