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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject [Ann] - couchapp_legacy , new CouchApp engine.
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 17:44:34 GMT
Hi all, just a quick mail to announce the start of coiuchapp_legacy
project. It aims to be a new CouchApp engine. It's for now distributed
as a Apache CouchDB plugin;

couchapp_legacy only offer for now a new and improved CouchApp URL
rewriter but will offer more during the coming days.

You have now regex based dispatching :

Or more complex rule:

        "from": "/(?<func>\\w*)-(?<name>\\w*)/(?<post_no>\\w*)$",
        "to": "/_(?<func>)/(?<name>)/(?<post_no>)"


is rewritten to

But you can still do reverse URL dispatching (principle borrowed to erlweb):

        "from": "/page/:page",
        "to": "/_show/post/:page",
        "options": {
            "patterns": {
                "page": "\\w*"


is rewritten to

Other fancy stuffs are :
- support for different handlers to handle an url. You can use
"classic" handler that aliasing internals urls, proxy handler that
proxy an url to another server (It's using internally the new proxy
feature of Apache CouchDB 1.1 and more soon.
- routes are cached.
- direct routing (/db/_design/name/_app/<path>) is rewritten directly
without substiturion
- aliasing
- attachment handling. You can directly link to attachments in urls

Next things in couchapp_legacy will be a new way to manage shows,
updates and lists function using erlv8 or emonk. etc...

That's it for now. More doc is available on the repository and an
example is provided.


- benoƮt

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