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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Questions on _changes (again)
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 18:33:01 GMT
A pattern I've recommended for this scenario is to use time-based
databases (and this really needs a fancy name);

If you intend to use couchdb as a journal of sorts, where you insert
things with one process and have another reading them via _changes and
deleting them on completion (i.e, a consumer/producer workflow) then
consider using one database for a period of time (a smaller period for
higher volumes of update). At some point, you'll say create another
database and switch the producer to write to that instead. When the
consumer has consumed the last message from the old database, it can
delete it.

In this way, you leave all of the metadata overhead behind you after
some period of time.


On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 5:55 PM, Adam Kocoloski <> wrote:
> On Jan 28, 2011, at 11:47 AM, kowsik wrote:
>> Messing with Couch _changes, trying to understand the inner workings.
>> Here are some observations:
>> If I add x documents and delete them and further compact the database,
>> then it seems that fragments of these deleted documents are still kept
>> around (for the _changes feed). Is this true?
> Yes.
>> I have an application that uses Couch as a message queue. Messages are
>> posted, the _changes listeners pick them up, process them and when
>> they are done, delete these messages. It looks like the deleted
>> document fragments are kept around forever. The implications to me is
>> that the database size is going to grow and grow even after
>> compaction.
>> Is there a way to tell Couch only to keep the last x changes?
> The only way to remove all traces of a document from a database is to use _purge.  But
that has a bit of a nasty side-effect with view indexes - if you _purge twice without updating
the index in between the index will be rebuilt from scratch (because it loses track of what
it needs to remove).  Regards,
> Adam
>> Thanks,
>> K.
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