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From Warner Onstine <>
Subject querying a view/reduce
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 15:10:24 GMT
Hi all, I've been trying to figure out the best way to implement this
particular view/reduce and have been having some issues.

Let me explain the structure a bit and what I've done.

I have a set of documents for storing a player's assignment completion
which contains a point value. I want to query for a given date range
for those completions and aggregate the points values. Here is the
view and the reduce I came up with :

function(doc) {
    if (doc.type == 'playerassignmentcompletion' && doc.approved == true) {
        var completionDate = new Date(doc.completionDate);
        var completionYear = completionDate.getFullYear();
        var completionMonth = completionDate.getMonth();
        var completionDay = completionDate.getDate();
        ], doc.pointsEarned);

function(keys, values, rereduce) {
    return sum(values);

And then I say group=true

I didn't realize my issue at the time because all of the completions I
had were for a given date. Now, I added a completion for a different
date and what happens is this kind of result:
[2010, 11, 28, "fb45ffc66ad8f4f299f0bd06a3000903"]	10 <--- player 1
[2010, 11, 26, "fb45ffc66ad8f4f299f0bd06a3001c32"]	35 <--- player 2
[2010, 11, 26, "fb45ffc66ad8f4f299f0bd06a3000ccf"]	55 <--- player 3
[2010, 11, 26, "fb45ffc66ad8f4f299f0bd06a3000903"]	75 <--- player 1 (again)

What I want is to combine all the player's total scores, but with my
group=true, it is matching each of my keys exactly. I understand why
it's doing it, just not how to fix my key/query to work the way I want
it to.

One thought I had was to move the id column up to the front so that I
could do group_level=1. But I don't know how to specify a wildcard
parameter so that I get all the documents with any key and just the
particular date range I want.

Hopefully this is clear enough. I can share more information if it's
necessary (just don't want to bog the list down with too many

Thanks, it is greatly appreciated!


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