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From Pavel Krivanek <>
Subject Re: CouchDB and XULJet for development of desktop applications
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 08:30:07 GMT

I am aware this issue. Unfortunately XUL was not adopted by Chrome yet
(it is able to show only several XUL tags) and I do not know if they
plan full support. It would be very valuable for the Chrome OS.

-- Pavel

> Hi Pavel,
> I assume this only works with Firefox - is that correct? I've looked
> around and can't find such details.
> If it is specific to Firefox I think you will have much reduced
> interest as Chrome is becoming more important by the day and IE9 isn't
> far away.

PK> Hi all,

PK> I think you should pay attention XULJet framework [1]. This
PK> tries to facilitate the development of JavaScript applications on
PK> Mozilla XULRunner runtime and it is maybe the most natural way how
PK> develop desktop applications supported by CouchDB.
PK> Ajax requests have no limited destinations in XULRunner and with
PK> privileges (access to local files, execution of local processes...)
PK> provides an easy-to-use platform for desktop applications with
PK> look&feel.
PK> Because the applications are written in JavaScript it is really very
PK> easy to work with CouchDB.

PK> XULJet has this main features:
PK> - component-based structure that increases reuseability of the code
PK> - readable description of GUI directly in JavaScript, no need of
PK> external XML files
PK> - powered by Google Closure Library that provides good modular
PK> and additional tools
PK> - easy access to XUL elements using bindings to component properties
PK> - simple embedding of HTML and SVG
PK> - forms (they have no direct support in XUL)
PK> - simple generation of printed reports

PK> The archive with version 2.0.1 includes CouchDB library from Futon
PK> with small modifications for the Closure Library.

PK> [1]

PK> Cheers,
PK> -- Pavel Krivanek

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