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From Wouter van Marle <>
Subject Re: CouchDB: where does it store it's data?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 07:39:25 GMT
Thanks for the tip....

find -name "*.couch" managed to find these files:

wouter@wouter-desktop:~$ find /home/wouter -name "*.couch"

That's good progress.

Ubuntu has a "desktop-couch" server that's running on your desktop
apparently, Evolution uses that to store the contacts.

Now the next problem: Evolution can not open the file from my other user
(username "jenny"), it says "file does not exist". Here the files with
permissions, looks reasonable to me, and it worked until a recent system
update (of some 200 packages or so, no idea which one could be the
culprit there).

-rw-r--r-- 1 jenny users 286809 2010-11-29 15:05 contacts.couch
-rw-r--r-- 1 jenny users   1406 2010-12-01 14:55 couchdb.html
-rw-r--r-- 1 jenny users   4185 2010-09-20 14:05 management.couch
-rw-r--r-- 1 jenny users     79 2010-09-20 14:05 users.couch

OK now two questions:
- any idea why Evolution complains "file does not exist"? (maybe have to
ask that one in another mailling list), and:

- can I export the contacts from this database as something useful
say .vcf files, that I then can import again?


On Thu, 2010-12-02 at 17:54 +1100, Neville Franks wrote:
> Thursday, December 2, 2010, 2:49:24 PM, you wrote:
> WvM> Dear list,
> WvM> The other day I updated an Ubuntu 10.04 system, and one of the results
> WvM> is that Evolution's couchdb address book broke totally.
> WvM> The error it gives: address book file does not exist.
> WvM> Now I've been looking into couchDB, and trying to find where it locates
> WvM> its files. From various points it seems it should be in /var/lib/couchdb
> WvM> but that very dir doesn't exist. I have done "locate couchdb" but it
> WvM> doesn't find anything outside the /usr and /etc trees with such a name,
> WvM> and that are not the places to store user data. Also nothing in /home
> WvM> or /var. Logs also do not exist, and no 'couchdb' to be found grepping
> WvM> all logs.
> WvM> On another computer I created a test couchdb address book, which as of
> WvM> this writing still works. But also on this computer I can not find the
> WvM> couchdb database files.
> WvM> Where should I look for them?
> WvM> Or how to otherwise recover this address book?
> WvM> Wouter.
> CouchDB databases have an extension of .couch so search for that. On
> Windows they are in [couchdb folder]\var\lib\couchdb
> --
> Best regards,
>   Neville Franks,

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