I have just finished installing CouchDB on Android 2.2 Emulator. I have attached a screen shot. I am using Ubuntu 10.10, Eclipse, Android SDK, Android 2.2 emulator. I am going to try developing apps.

When I was trying to install, I faced an issue and got help in the 'dev' group, dev@couchdb.apache.org

The subject of the mail is,
"CouchDB on Android 2,2 Emulator, installed successfully, but facing an issue."

Basically the Eclipse project, CouchDB for Android needs to be downloaded from, https://github.com/apage43/couch-android-launcher

After downloading, Android ndk has to be used for preparing the project before building and running on Android emulator.

I got the following instruction from Aaron Miller in dev group,,

Hey. The ASE component is included in that source tree, but you'll need to
build it using the android NDK;

<http://developer.android.com/sdk/ndk/index.html>In the NDK tree there is a
script called ndk_build which you need to call from the root directory of
the Android CouchDB project. It will build the native component and put it
in the right place for eclipse to pick it up and package correctly.
Also, you might want to contact me directly if you have any other issues
with it :]

When ndk-build completes preparing, we can notice the following,

yazhini@yazhini-Vostro-430:~/srinivask/soft/google/android/ndk/android-ndk-r4b$ ./ndk-build -C ~/srinivask/soft/CouchDB/Android/apage43-couch-android-launcher-667d1d9
make: Entering directory `/home/yazhini/srinivask/soft/CouchDB/Android/apage43-couch-android-launcher-667d1d9'
Compile++ thumb: com_google_ase_Exec <= /home/yazhini/srinivask/soft/CouchDB/Android/apage43-couch-android-launcher-667d1d9/jni/com_google_ase_Exec.cpp
SharedLibrary  : libcom_google_ase_Exec.so
Install        : libcom_google_ase_Exec.so => /home/yazhini/srinivask/soft/CouchDB/Android/apage43-couch-android-launcher-667d1d9/libs/armeabi
make: Leaving directory `/home/yazhini/srinivask/soft/CouchDB/Android/apage43-couch-android-launcher-667d1d9'

After this, we can import the eclipse project in eclipse ide, build , run on Android emulator.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 12:32 AM, Benjamin Hill <benjaminhill@gmail.com> wrote:
Has anyone been able to install couchdb on an android emulator?  The
emulator doesn't have the app store, so I can't download pre-built binaries.
 Welcome any advice or suggestions.

(Win7, eclipse, android sdk, standard emulator images)