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From Nicolas Jessus <>
Subject Re: Forcing document reindex
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:38:40 GMT
> you can only emit a result from the map function if key elements to be used
> are in the document currently being indexed.

Well, yes, that's the problem I'm trying to get around somehow.

> have to use a list or one of the lucene projects to combine views together.
> or figure out a way to put all the data into denormalised document, which
> you have said isn't going to work.

Are there Lucene projects with the specific goal of combining views together? If
so that could be interesting. All I know is the rnewsom adapter, which creates
its own index.

> regarding the re-index concern of yours, if the data changes couchdb takes
> care of the views/lists, you don't have to force it to do anything - what am
> I missing?

Ah, if I implement the hack of getting the parts of the key I don't have through
an HTTP call, then I can have a map only caring about Meeting documents; but in
that case I will need to force one or more Meeting docs to reindex when the
related MeetingProposal or Client changes. Clearer? :)

Thanks much,

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