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From Sivan Greenberg <>
Subject Fwd: Questions about database file sizes.
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 17:02:25 GMT
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From: Sivan Greenberg <>
Date: Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 6:58 PM
Subject: Questions about database file sizes.

Hi List,

 First I'd like to say that my longly developed couchdb based system
seems to be performing well and serving its purpose.

 However, there's always a small difference between the database files
on the 2 couchdb server nodes we are using, after identical compaction
steps on both db's, the difference remains around 4k, even though the
number of documents is the same.

 This is CouchDB 0.11.0 , 2 nodes, each one does a pull replication
from its peer in continue replication over HTTP.

 Is this normal? Can we sleep at night without fearing the delta would
at some edge case occasion increase to the gigs ? Is it unrealistic to
expect the two files to be of the same size given same compaction
steps were taken and they both replicate pull from each other?

Many thanks,
(CouchDB Rocks!)


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