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From Walter Werner <>
Subject jquery-ajax encodeURI Problems
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 08:13:40 GMT

I am new to the mailinglist, hello to everyone. The web Interface of
this mainling list seems not to have any search function, i hope this
problem is new.

When i am trying to make a GET request to one of my couchdb-search-view

			$.get('/mydb/_design/02/_view/search', {startkey:"['foo',0]",
endkey: "['foo',{}]",reduce:true, group:true},
				function(data) {

I get the error:

{"error":"bad_request","reason":"invalid UTF-8 JSON"}

and my url looks like this:


The quotation marks and the [ ] that are needed for the JSON format
are url-encodet inside the $.get function. I do not know how to change
this behaviour. I also tried it with $.post and $.ajax. The same
result. Can anyone help?


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