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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Re: Forcing document reindex
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 17:30:36 GMT
What about a list function?

You can access the request to get query parameters (eg id needed for
the report?) and then you can iterate through the docs and build up
your relationship.

I dont know how fast it will be with the number of docs you have, but
it will be liner time (order n).

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Nicolas Jessus
<> wrote:
> All right; no one should like what they're going to read.
> I have a medium-sized MySQL system, which translates to a Couch with about a
> million documents of about 20 types. The system would really benefit from a
> schema-free design. The data is only weakly relational. Couch would fit really
> well, enough that I don't mind twisting its arm in a few places if need be; the
> tradeoff would be worth it.
> The hiccup is reporting. Some of it involves the full set of documents. Let's
> say I have 5 categories of documents involved in a report, A to E. A links to B,
> B links to C, etc. The report needs data from A, B, and E. As far as I can
> think, there's no way to do a view collation, because A and B share an ID but E
> doesn't. I can't pull a million documents from the DB to process elsewhere
> either, so that nixes simple indexing and the '_id' object values.
> I could however write a special view_server that will emit keys after checking
> the linked ID through an HTTP call (that's where you scream). Indexing
> performance is totally unimportant to me, DB updates are relatively few, and I
> can live with the dirty side-effects (again, the system as a whole would still
> be much cleaner than the MySQL one).
> With that solution I can have a map function that just handle docs of type A.
> But I still need to reindex the relevant As when B or E changes. I could simply
> listen to the change stream and force a reindex, but that doesn't work well with
> legitimate updates when the _rev number goes up at random even though the doc
> hasn't changed, and there's no auto-merge. So I'm pretty stuck.
> I'm not asking that this type of functionality be encouraged. It's clearly
> subverting the point of Couch. On the other hand, it doesn't seem like having a
> force-reindex function would dirty the concept, and if it's easy to code, then
> it's a shame it doesn't exist.

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