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From cdr53x <>
Subject Re: Complex keys and ranges
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 08:38:21 GMT

> You need to change your map function to emit [author, date] to be able
> to search for for author and time-range.
>      emit([author, created_at], null);
> Now query for startkey=["adams", "201002030000"]&endkey=["adams",
> "201003030000"].
This is ok, however, as I want to have all the changes for a given time 
range and a _set_ of authors, the key range on the design doc will not 
do it.

I'll check out lucene for couchdb as a possible alternative, event 
though I'd realy prefer to have such a feature in  couchdb and not in a 
separate module that also requires a JVM...

Basicaly I tend to avoid a JVM whever it's possible, but seems that with 
lucene it is not the case. I presume it will  add an extra load to the 
server, and  that we'll run into the usual Java scaling issues wich is 
something we initially wanted to avoid ...

It's a pity that couchdb mutiview does not seem to progress, it would be 
a realy nice feature for guys developing "usual management" software 
that basically requires an OR or set query criteria.

Thanks again,



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