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From Neville Franks <>
Subject Bulk Updates in CouchDB
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 03:01:22 GMT
I am just learning about CouchDB so please excuse this nooby question.

I've read lots the past few days including and a fair bit
of two of the online CouchDB books.

My question is how do I do some simple things like:

1) Delete all documents where key.value = xxx

2) Update all documents where key.value = xxx so value = yyy

I want the DB to do these, not for me to have to iterate through the
DB in code. From what I've read about Views, they are read-only and
therefore can't be used in update/delete operations.

I've read lots on views and CouchDB seems great at getting information
out in all sorts of ways, however basic bulk update/delete operations
are so far alluding me.

My main exposure to DB's at this time is using SQLite and these sorts
of things are of course easy and quick to do in SQL.

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious.

Neville Franks,

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