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From Neville Franks <>
Subject Re: Bulk Updates in CouchDB
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 22:15:34 GMT
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply. My queries and update/delete operations are all
well defined, so there is no ad-hoc query concerns.

As I just replied to Jan Lehnardt my overriding interest in CouchDB is
its replication capabilities and offline/online use case. I have not
found any other database that does this so easily and hopefully
effectively as CouchDB.

I have looked at MongoDB, and it does have more of the update/delete
etc. capabilities I'm used to it, however it doesn't have the
replication that CouchDB does, instead it has master/slave and
read-only on the slaves.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 4:13:32 AM, you wrote:

MJR> On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Karel Minařík
MJR> <> wrote:
>> Sure, but only for the doc attribute specified in `foo`. Then you'd have to
>> define views for all the attributes you want to query this way, which is
>> "impossible" for large and/or fast growing data sets. Or what am I missing?

MJR> You could use a temporary view, where the query specifies the view
MJR> instead of having it predefined, but then you take a serious
MJR> performance hit as it populates the view at query-time instead of in
MJR> advance.

MJR> CouchDB is optimized for applications where you know ahead of time
MJR> exactly what your queries will look like, and in such cases it
MJR> executes those queries blindingly fast.  But it's not really designed
MJR> for ad-hoc querying.  If you want that sort of flexibility, you may
MJR> want to:

MJR> 1) look at adding couchdb-solr to your deployment

MJR> 2) use a different data store, either

MJR>   a) a more flexible NoSQL solution, like MongoDB, which has very
MJR> powerful ad-hoc query and update capabilities, or even

MJR>   b) an RDBMS, reports of whose death have been somewhat exaggerated
MJR> by the NoSQL community..

Best regards,
  Neville Franks,

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