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From Tim Hart <>
Subject View queries and etags
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 02:18:56 GMT
Hi all,

Had a bit of trouble with etags and my browser cache tonight. In short, the etag was always
the same in a circumstance where I assumed it wouldn't. Here are the details.

 I'm writing some functional tests that create a couchdb database, a view document, insert
some documents, and then execute various tests against my own client javascript code. One
of my tests would pass once, and then regularly fail without any change to the client code.
The issue was the browser cache. Here are the details:

Functional test setup:

1. create '/test_db'
2. insert view:

function(doc) {
  var recordType = doc.type;
    for(var key in doc)
        emit({type:recordType, fKey:doc[key]}, null);

3. insert document A (via put)
  _id:'parent_id', //I wanted a known ID for convenience sake

3. insert document B (via post, because I don't care what the ID would be)
  parent_id:'parent_id' //using my known ID

OK - setup is complete. I've verified several times that the setup works as expected. The
test that caused issues with the browser cache was testing my code that dynamically builds
a query against the view. The anticipated query in this case looks like this: 


What's happening is, the etag of the response to this query is always the same. My problem
that in this case, since I'm including 'include_docs=true', the results of the query are never
the same. To illustrate:

First run through the test, the results of the query is:
   etag: "7BD040ILHVQHCY0L8ER5DW2RG"
   date: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 02:02:52 GMT
   server: CouchDB/1.0.1 (Erlang OTP/R14B)
   content-length: 0

The teardown deletes the database. I run the same test again, the parent has the same id,
but the child gets a new one. The query is the same, and the index of the response looks the
same, although the document itself is different. Here's the results of the second run:
   etag: "7BD040ILHVQHCY0L8ER5DW2RG"
   date: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 02:07:27 GMT
   server: CouchDB/1.0.1 (Erlang OTP/R14B)
   content-length: 0

My test keeps failing because it's anticipating the ID of the new 'child' row. The issue is
that since the etag is the same, my browser cache takes over and returns the 'old' row to
the javascript code. I've verified this by simply clearing my browser cache and rerunning
my same, unaltered scripts. If I clear the browser cache between each run, it passes. Otherwise,
it passes the first run after the cache clear, and fails every subsequent test. Each subsequent
failure clearly shows that my code 'received' the ID child row during my first passing run,
even though the insert captured the new ID, so

first run:
passed - expected childID "foo", actual child id "foo"

second run:
failed expected childID "bar", but was "foo"

This feels to me like a case where the current algorithm for the etag isn't quite precise
enough. Would it be reasonable to assume that if the query itself included the 'include_docs'
param, then the etag algorithm should take that data into consideration? Actually in my case,
simply taking the id field into consideration would solve my problem.

For the time being, I've modified my test to fetch a UUID for the parent document. This makes
the view row, and subsequent etag, unique for each query.


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