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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: Slow filtered _changes feed
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 13:15:10 GMT

> My latest plan is to basically save a copy of all the relevant
> information in a couch doc after every attempted sync.  In this case
> the first operation would still timeout, but if the client retried all
> the relevant doc ids could be retrieved from that document and only a
> small update would have to be applied.

Won't the update still be large? E.g. you'd have to get all the  
documents listed in your checkpoint document plus whatever changes  
have happened since you last tried.

> Since this is only likely a problem when it is a long time between  
> syncs I think it could work ok
> (definitely not ideal, though).  Does this seem sane?

Wouldn't a web cache work better/be simpler? If you're not careful  
there could be a lot of messages for a person, and the document that  
you copy back into couch very very large. If you did it with a simple  
cache you could stream the data into the cache and use the seq number  
and other pieces of information as an etag to expire the cached  
documents (maybe... more thinking out loud while listening to the  
governments spending review...). That doesn't seem particularly  
relaxing though.

Alternatively, could you not have a database per user? Then the size  
of _changes will be proportional to the activity of the user, as  
opposed to the sum of activity across all users, which means _changes  
should be a bit snappier.

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