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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: Best storage model for a access log database
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 13:36:59 GMT

> For example, one idea is, if the referrer is Google. I probably  
> would like know what kind of keyword the users are using to reach  
> our website, and more, what we are giving to the user? is it  
> relevant or not?

yeah, so you could have a view emitting the page url, referrer and the  
keywords as a key and then a count of visits for the value. You could  
probably even get Lucene to do some clever natural language stuff  
(like grouping similar words). You could even index your site and  
compare your index to Google's ;)

> Other issue is to count some URL patterns to evaluate what part of our
> website have more access. For this I would make a view to count  
> occurrences
> of for example:
> "urlParams": {
>     "pid": "S0080-62342003000300002",
>     "script": "sci_arttext"
> },

Why not just do a count of URL's? Since the URL params are in there,  
or do you need to cover POST's as well?

> It's a lot of things to figure out.

Yup! Good luck with it :)

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