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From Russell <>
Subject Compaction and unreleased file descriptors
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 08:03:48 GMT

I'm currently battling with 1.0.1 production servers that require the
CouchDB service to be restarted every couple of days due to the fact
that CouchDB does not release the file descriptors of compacted
databases. As a result the free space on my servers simply disappear
over a couple of days, causing the servers to crash unless I stop and
restart the CouchDB servers (at which point the release of the file
descriptors returns the free space to the system).

Having searched the mailing list, I came upon a thread titled "Couch
not releasing deleted files" in september that seems to indicate that
the couch devs are aware of the issue, however I cannot find a bug in
the issue tracker relating to the problem.

Does anyone know what the status of the issue is at the moment?


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