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Subject Fresh install of 1.01 - test suite stats fails with all_dbs_active error
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:54:36 GMT
I'm new to Couchdb and have finally built a test environment as
follows (steps omitted for brevity, but it shows the core elements)

Platform is Amazon EC2 micro instance - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (official
canonical AMI) upgraded to Maverick 10.10

I tried to use the package installed by apt-get install couchdb, but
although that installs 1.01, Futon is severely broken and won't work

So I built from source using;

1) sudo apt-get build-dep couchdb
2) wget
3) ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

All the test suite tests pass - except one which ALWAYS fails (stats)
with the error # Assertion 'triggered, "We managed to force a
all_dbs_active error."' failed: We managed to force a all_dbs_active

This fails with Firefox and Chrome.

My config files are all in the defaults - and from looking at the
script, the stats code tries to create 10 databases so I'm a bit
concerned if this triggering a limit somehow - that's rather small.

I've seen various other threads about this, but nothing conclusive.

What does this problem suggest? Is there a system configuration I need
to change? Is the fact that this is running on Amazon EBS a problem
(hope not, MySQL manages fine)?

Any ideas?


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