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From Jonathan Stott <>
Subject Storing and displaying sessions and session groups.
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2010 11:50:35 GMT
Hi all

I have what amounts to a 'schema' design question, I guess.  It's for
storing and displaying session logs, and groups of such logs.  I've
asked about this on IRC, though it was a while back, and I never
managed to implement a solution due to other things cropping up.  So
here are my thoughts all together:

I have two main entities:

A session.  This has a title, a summary, some other misc items of
metadata (participant list, date, tags, etc), and the session text
itself (~80k of text).  For display purposes, I want to display one
session per page, with previous and next links that span session group
boundaries.  Ideally they can have the session title in the url but
without any numbers relating to the order, so that a link to a session
is a link to that session, regardless of if the order has been
rearranged.  This allows easy linking to sessions, though I suppose
redirects could be used to achieve a similar result.

A session group.  This has a title, a summary, (perhaps some other
misc metadata) and has an ordered list of sessions.  Each session
group will contain somewhere between 50 and a 100 sessions when
complete.  For display purposes, I want to display a list of links to
session + session summaries, in order.  In addition, there might be
subgroups of sessions, each given a little title and summary.  While
theoretically session groups might be reordered, this is unlikely to
happen often, if at all.  On the other hand, moving sessions between
groups should be relatively easy.

Sessions are generally added in order, but there will be occasional
out of order additions.  I can't be sure when a new group is started
the old one will be closed for additions, either.

There are a few thoughts I had on how to store this:

First, store it as per the suggestion from the couchdb book for
storing lists.  Give each session group and session (and subgroup, if
they become 'first class') a number representing the order.  On the
face of it, this seems quite easy.  However, it seems to involve a lot
of duplicated information that needs to be kept in sync if views are
to be easy to emit.  Under this schema, each group has its order
number.  If have a subgroup, each subgroup needs to have its own order
number.  It also needs to have the id and order of the group, so it
can emit [group_order, subgroup_order].  Each session needs the group
id, order, subgroup id, order, so it can emit [group_order,
subgroup_order, session_order].  With this schema, adding almost
anything except at the 'end' seems to involve a lot of renumbering.
If not at insert time, then when it comes to the time to 're-balance'
the floating point order numbers, to make them equally spaced once
more.  However, this format does make outputting group display pages
very easy, via range queries over a view which just emits the
necessary summary information.

A second suggestion (made by jchris, iirc) is to store an array of
session log ids in the group document.  These can then be emitted with
an order number based on the index in the array, to provide the
ordered sessions required for previous and next links.  Reordering
sessions becomes very easy, as the order in the array can just be
switched around.  There's also probably no need for subgroups under
this 'schema', there can just be subgruop heading entries in the array
too.  Sessions can easily be inserted out of order, and moved between
groups.  To create the group display pages, though, this setup seems
to get more complex.  Since the group display page needs information
from both the group and the sessions, I'd have to query the view with
'include_docs=true' to get all that information in one query.  This
would involve retrieving all the session information (which could
easily be several mbs) to display a page which is perhaps 5kb at most,
which seems unnecessary.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.  Am I imagining problems which
arn't there with either of these solutions?  Have I missed a solution
which will avoid these problems?  Which ones have people on the list


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