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From Antoine Kurukchi <>
Subject Bidirectional replication and new documents
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 14:50:09 GMT
Hi All,

Been reading a lot about couchdb and am really impressed by it. Great
work. I have got a few questions about replication and new documents.

A lot is mentioned about continuous replication and bidirectional
replication but is it possible to have both features working at the
same time? If it is possible, what happens if there is a disconnection
between the two database servers and are there any pit falls with this

I have been assuming that if you get the split brain scenario
occurring when you have multiple database server and new documents
(different ones) are inserted into both halves, the system wouldn't
get into a conflict. Is this correct?

As an example, if I have 2 servers and the link between them becomes
non functional. Users add documents to both servers. When the servers
reconnect and do a bidirectional replication, are all the new
documents added to both servers?



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