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From Cory Zue <>
Subject Replxn and Deleting docs
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 14:36:12 GMT
Note: I tried to find this information on the wiki here:, but I don't
think it answers my question. Apologies if I just didn't read it
carefully enough.

Imagine I have two servers S1 and S2 each with a copy of a document D at rev R1.

Can you tell me what will happen in the following scenarios?

On S1 I delete D.
On S2 I do nothing (D still at R1).
Replicate S1 and S2 in both directions.

(I assume the deletion propagates like a normal revision, just want to confirm)

On S1 I delete D.
On S2 I modify D to R2.
Replicate S1 and S2 in both directions.

I know that I am guaranteed that S1 and S2 will have the same version
of D, and I assume that it will be marked in conflict, but is there
anything else I can say about who wins?  One *sort of* would expect
the modification to trump the deletion by default, although this might
not be very couch-like.

I guess my question boils down to: is the deletion of a document
treated just like any other revision or is there anything special in
it that operation that affects couch's default conflict resolution?


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