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From Patrick Barnes <>
Subject Re: Replication Question
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2010 11:02:24 GMT
Not exactly, as I understand it. I believe that couchdb guarantees that 
after bi-directional replication, for any conflicted documents all dbs 
will choose the same rev as the 'successful' one, with the other revs in 
the _conflicted area.

I too, would love to have a means of automatically resolving document 
conflicts through a design-doc function or similar. I think it's 
probably possible to use a _changes handler to do something similar 
post-update, but builtin would be best.


On 3/10/2010 8:46 PM, couchdb user wrote:
> Hi Oguzhan,
>> I realize I can detect a conflict later and do something about it, but
>> I really would prefer not to have conflicts at all and deal with them
>> on-update instead of post-update.
> I believe this is all handled internally by couchdb, it is part of the
> bidirectional conflict resolution couchdb uses.
> Regards,
>> Thanks

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