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From Keith Gable <>
Subject CouchDB Lucene 0.5 ISO8601 and Default Boolean Operator
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2010 01:46:40 GMT
I'm implementing CouchDB-Lucene. We store our dates and times as ISO8601
in CouchDB. Naturally, JavaScript can't parse these dates, so I have
some utility functions to parse them and get JavaScript date objects.
These functions work (even under C-L), but C-L gives me errors parsing
the date, even though it still stores the Date object as I intended (as
far as I can tell) and .toUTCString() returns the correct string when I
try it using the JSLog. This might be a bug, since I don't even have to
add the Date to the Document to cause the parsing error. Should I be
concerned? Anything I can do to isolate the issue and possibly report a

Also, is there a way to specify the default boolean operator? I see that
the davisp branch has a configuration option, but I don't think that the
option exists in the latest version. From what I can tell, the the Java
API for Lucene lets you specify the boolean operator per query, but I
can't tell if C-L allows this or not.

Any help is appreciated. Hopefully my questions make sense! :)

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