Hi, I'm looking for documentation re the "head" and "req" arguments supplied to list functions (as mentined in the _Definitive Guide_.) It's not clear to me how to extract information from them. My specific need is as follows: I have a couch database of documents with attached images. I have a view with a map function that emits pairs of the form: (doc_id, name_of_attached_image) And I have a list function that assembles these images into a web page: function(head, req) { provides('html', function(){ var s = ''; while (row = getRow()) s += ''; s += ''; send(s);})} Everything works fine locally, but if I want the same functionality on my remote server (where 5984 is bound to rather than I need to replace in the list function with some variable that evaluates to the name of the host being queried. I'm guessing that the hostname can be extracted somehow from the head or req arguments of the list function, but need a pointer to some info. Thanks, Catherine