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From Foobee <>
Subject Re: CouchDB The Definitive Guide - Part III
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 13:17:48 GMT
Ido Ran <ido.ran@...> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm learning CouchDB using the CouchDB Definitive Guide (draft edition).
> I've got to part III where I start playing with Sofa application to get my
> hand on real CouchApp, but there are some prolems:
>    1. The code presented in the book does not match the code in sofa github
>    repository - jchris's sofa at master - GitHub<>
>    2. The application in the github repository does not work right. I can
>    push it to CouchDB (I'm using or server) but the
>    post form does not work, currently because app.docForm is deprecated but I
>    don't understand how to fix it.
>    3. When I push the app to CouchDB server I get a database with single
>    document with _id of sofa. I thought it should be a collection of documents,
>    not single document.
> Thank you,
> Ido


we have the same problem with the post form (edit.html). The actual sofa app
does not work with  couchapp. In jquery.couchapp.js i find this:

function docForm() {
  alert("docForm123 has been moved to vendor/couchapp/lib/docForm.js,
  use app.require to load") };

But sofa is not adapted.

Has anyone an idea to fix sofa?



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