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From Wolfgang Egger <>
Subject consistence? buffering?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:02:32 GMT

everywhere I read about couchdb i can read, that one benefit of couchdb would
be, that the db is always in a consistant state. 
This seems not to be true for
couchdb 1.0 under ubuntu 10.4 called by firefix 3.5 and a couchapp-driven-app

The following behaviour I have seen more than one time.

1) I develop some time and do some pushes while that. Everythig is nice,
requesting myCouchApp shows the newest version.
2) I close the Laptop so the system is going to "sleep" and stored on the disk
3) I reopen the Laptop so the system wakes up und then, if I request myCouchApp,
there is a very very old version served.
4) I push the last source again, shut down the couchapp and restart it and new
version of my sources is running

It looks, like the pushes are buffered and the buffer will not be written to
disk while closing the Laptop. Is that possible or what else may be the reason
for this behaviour and how to prevent?

Have nice and relaxing day


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