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From Wolfgang Egger <>
Subject Re: SQL-like-JOINs?
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:58:35 GMT
Kenneth Tyler <ken@...> writes:

> Wolfgang,
> Just like in SQL, the first question is what is common to the two (or more)
> documents that you want to combine ?
> Do they have the same type ? Are they in a certain date range ? Do they
> share some other field of information ?

There is one MainDocument, that references to some "Sub"-Documents.

Say you have a manual, how to build one thing from three smaller parts.

Somethng like:
You need:
Object A
Object B
Object C
You use:
Tool A
Tool B
Tool C

Put Object A together with Object B by using Tool A upon Object C

This is the MainDocument.
Ther are Documents, that describe Object A .. Object C and the Tools, this are
the "Sub" Documents.

I want to show The MainDocument and e.g. some "Teasers" with a short-description
of the Tools and Objects together with som links, to the whole

If the Descriptions will change or updated, this changes shoud be reflected ,
without the need to change them "mqnually" within the MainDocument.


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