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From Kenneth Tyler <>
Subject Re: SQL-like-JOINs?
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 16:34:47 GMT
If you look here:
at the topic "linked documents"
you will see that: "This means that if one document contains the ids of
other documents, it can cause those documents to be fetched in the view too,
adjacent to the same key if required."

this means that you can include your sub-document names as a list in your
main document:
   "Object List": [
       "Object A",
       "Object B"

and in your view you can use the names in the object list to pull in the
document about the object with the additional information. This means that
you will have to create the reference document with the string "Object A",
for example,  as its key, rather than a randomly generated key. Then if you
have to update the additional information for object a, every time the view
pulls in the "Object A" document it will get the new information.

so this way your objects and tools are lists in the main document.. and the
lists include a  name that can be used to pull in the "more information"
document for each object or tool.

it might help to add a "type" field for the lookup documents for objects and
tools: {"type":"object"}
so then you can make a view that will list all the "object" lookup

this is a good example of how a problem that needs to be solved with a join
in sql does not require a join in couchdb...because in couchdb lists can be
kept in the document itself, rather than the document storing links to other
records that make up the list.

ken tyler

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Wolfgang Egger <>wrote:

> Kenneth Tyler <ken@...> writes:
> >
> > Wolfgang,
> > Just like in SQL, the first question is what is common to the two (or
> more)
> > documents that you want to combine ?
> > Do they have the same type ? Are they in a certain date range ? Do they
> > share some other field of information ?
> There is one MainDocument, that references to some "Sub"-Documents.
> Say you have a manual, how to build one thing from three smaller parts.
> Somethng like:
> You need:
> Object A
> Object B
> Object C
> You use:
> Tool A
> Tool B
> Tool C
> HowTo:
> Put Object A together with Object B by using Tool A upon Object C
> ......
> This is the MainDocument.
> Ther are Documents, that describe Object A .. Object C and the Tools, this
> are
> the "Sub" Documents.
> I want to show The MainDocument and e.g. some "Teasers" with a
> short-description
> of the Tools and Objects together with som links, to the whole
> Description-Documents.
> If the Descriptions will change or updated, this changes shoud be reflected
> ,
> without the need to change them "mqnually" within the MainDocument.
> Wolfgang

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