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From Cory Zue <>
Subject under the hood of continuous rep.
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:18:29 GMT
Hi there,

I'm using couchdb to synchronize a bunch of distributed computers
whose only internet connection is a flaky GPRS modem and a suspect
EDGE network.  I had thought that getting them to sync up would be as
simple as firing off a continuous replication task and assuming that
replication will happen whenever the modem and network are
cooperating.  However empirically what I've seen is that they don't
appear to replicate very well or consistently at all.  However, if I
do a non-continuous replication when the connection is working okay it
seems to push everything fine.

I know from
that the continuous replication algorithm "is complex and is
fine-tuned every once in a while" so it's undocumented, but is it
possible it's not designed very well for extremely flaky, up and down

My current plan is to get rid of continuous replication and just run a
cron job that tries to do synchronous replication a few times a day.
Does this seem to others like a reasonable alternative?  And hopefully
not too much more bandwidth intensive than continuous replication?


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