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From 7zark7 <>
Subject One-sided 1-to-many relationship
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 21:10:34 GMT
Given doc type A and B:

A has a 1-to-many relationship with B (each A knows of many Bs)
Each B can be known by many As, but does not know which.
A has an array of its known B keys.

A doc:
   "_id": "...",
   "kind": "A",
   "b_IDs": ["...", "...", "...", "..."]

B doc:
   "_id": "...",
   "kind": "B"

If I know the key for A, how can I retrieve all related Bs in one view 
or list call?
I'd like to avoid middle-ware that makes sequential calls.


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