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From Stephen Prater <>
Subject Re: SQL-like-JOINs?
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 16:32:19 GMT
Wolfgang - I think what you need a view over this stuff.

Let say all of these thing assemble "AssemblyA"

The key (for me) was to think of the components as belonging to the  
Assembly, rather than
the Assembly as requiring the components.

here is a very incomplete example:

The overview is to have an array of Assemblies on each component, and  
then emit
a key into a view for each assembly on each component, so for example,  
you'd emit


you can emit the "teasers" fields in the map based on what "type" of  
document it is, or you can do "include_docs" and get the entire tool.

does that help?

On Sep 13, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Wolfgang Egger wrote:

> Kenneth Tyler <ken@...> writes:
>> Wolfgang,
>> Just like in SQL, the first question is what is common to the two  
>> (or more)
>> documents that you want to combine ?
>> Do they have the same type ? Are they in a certain date range ? Do  
>> they
>> share some other field of information ?
> There is one MainDocument, that references to some "Sub"-Documents.
> Say you have a manual, how to build one thing from three smaller  
> parts.
> Somethng like:
> You need:
> Object A
> Object B
> Object C
> You use:
> Tool A
> Tool B
> Tool C
> HowTo:
> Put Object A together with Object B by using Tool A upon Object C
> ......
> This is the MainDocument.
> Ther are Documents, that describe Object A .. Object C and the  
> Tools, this are
> the "Sub" Documents.
> I want to show The MainDocument and e.g. some "Teasers" with a short- 
> description
> of the Tools and Objects together with som links, to the whole
> Description-Documents.
> If the Descriptions will change or updated, this changes shoud be  
> reflected ,
> without the need to change them "mqnually" within the MainDocument.
> Wolfgang

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